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What Does A Caterpillar Do?


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This cheery garden adventure engages preschool-aged readers while reinforcing the message that every unique creature is beautiful.

As summer gets going, gardens are filled with all kinds of creatures, and each one has a specific job to do. A little green caterpillar is traveling around her garden, interacting with each of her creepy, crawly friends. First, she wonders if caterpillars light the way at night. But as everyone knows, it is fireflies that perform that brilliant task. She tries pollinating flowers, but the bees come in and show her how they excel in that behavior. Caterpillar even tries wearing a red and black coat, but then she learns that it is a ladybug who sports those colors. So what does a caterpillar do? She must build herself a chrysalis to find out. 

This beautifully accessible picture book is well-suited to preschool-aged readers. The text is repetitive, beginning each page with a question that is refuted on the next. Children who love the word “no” will appreciate the unabashed use of it in this book as they shout it along with their caregiver. Short sentences and familiar garden dwellers make this book an excellent selection for both large Storytime settings and lap reads alike.

From the very first moment, the brightly colored illustrations draw readers into the story. A selection of caterpillar types are featured on the endpapers and showcase some of the myriad varieties that exist. Two humans with light skin are depicted in the book, but the primary focus is on the creatures residing in the garden. Bright floral hues adorn most of the pages as caterpillar explores during the day, and the nighttime scenes are equally stunning. Brush strokes and careful shading give depth and texture to each image, alternating between scenes with more detailed backgrounds and those that focus on a specific character.

Young children who enjoy interacting with stories and demonstrating their knowledge are sure to fall for this book. It is at once a cheerful journey through a garden and a reminder that every creature is unique and beautiful. This is a lovely addition to library collections for preschool-aged children.

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The world around us is full of millions and millions of unappreciated, but amazingly fantastic bugs. From the smallest ant to the largest snail, each has its own characteristic which makes it uniquely suited to thrive in its own environment. ‘What Does a Caterpillar Do?’ allows children to, through the eyes of the cheeky caterpillar, meet some of these bugs and to learn a little bit about what makes them so different.

Featuring beautiful and humorous illustrations by the fantastic Lucy Rogers, What Does A Caterpillar Do? captures a child’s imagination before the book is even open. Inside, the child is taken on a wonderful journey through nature where they meet Bees, Snails, Ladybugs and Spiders. Each insect radiates personality as they watch, with amusement, our caterpillar’s attempt to mirror their unique characteristic.

The simple narrative uses trusted teaching techniques, such as repetition and humor, to guide younger children through the story with and without their parent’s guidance. The narrative concludes by providing the child with the answer to the book’s core question (she turns into a butterfly of course!).

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Published on October 16, 2020

Published by Morello Communications and Orca Book Publishers

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