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What Color Is Your Butterfly?


Loved it! 😍

Poetic, charming, and a sweet read, this is a great book to share with your children! A great way to teach your family positive thinking.

It's been quite a long time since I've read a children's book—the last time was for two classes in college having an assignment about adapting a children's story—but I'm pleased with this one. I wish I had a book about positive thinking when I was growing up! The pastel colors, the poetry flowing on every page, and a great lesson every parent needs to instill in their child brings this story to life, just like the butterfly the little girl imagines. The cover stands out immediately—which is crucial to finding a book—with the image of a happy little girl and her father looking on. Regarding the pastel colors throughout the story, they do not distract from the text and the simplicity of it makes the story eye-catching and enjoyable. Referencing the monsters that haunted us once upon a time was a great motif in explaining positive thinking to children. Very creative approach by the author! Fear is one of the emotions that children struggle with most and, sometimes, that feeling can follow us into adulthood. The sooner one learns how to conquer fear, the better off someone will be. Matt Scott definitely knows his stuff as a parent himself, and it clearly shows throughout the book. Another tidbit was the words reading like a song with the poetic sound and the rhyme scheme. I pictured a little musical in my brain while reading through the story, too. Making a story in this way is a great strategy to not only teach your child, but also entertain them at the same time. It might also be a good way to help them fall asleep.

This book is part of a series focusing on helping children learn about happiness, self-confidence, and success; all of the things every parent wants for their child. I never pictured self-help topics for children's books, so it's neat to read one that has the concepts we try to enhance in our adult years. If self-help books could encourage adults—as some do—then the same could, perhaps, benefit the younger generation. I'll have to research further to see if other books exist, but Matt Scott is certainly one author who writes about it. If you're a parent looking for a way to encourage your children, want a book characterizing positive thinking, and a story with a message, What Color Is Your Butterfly? is your go-to book.

Happy reading!

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My name is Matt Scott. I am a husband, father, and successful businessman who was looking for material to help me teach my children the capabilities they have for their own happiness and success. I found little, and of that, confusing messages. So I created it myself! I hope you find it useful view profile

Published on August 02, 2016

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