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Whammy is a fun, enjoyable story of a small oil town in Texas and a superhero story. Nothing ever happens in a small town, until it does.

Fear not dear reader, this book gives you two stories in one! Seriously, this is a fun read. The main characters are fun, and the story line brings you back to read more. Ted Akin tells the story of two young residents, who are roommates, in a small Texas oil town. Nothing ever happens in a small town, until it does. Stacey grew up in Lily Grove. Actually, she grew up on a farm just outside of Lily Grove. She runs the only coffee shop in Lily Grove and lives in an apartment over the shop. Klive relocated from West Texas to Lily Grove for a good job in the oil field. When he needed a place to live, he answered an ad for a roommate that was in the coffee shop. The two quickly became roommates and friends. The story of Stacey and Klive is full of interesting twists and turns. Stacey is crass and funny and Klive is strait-laced but not boring. The two primary characters balance each other beautifully.

While telling the story of Stacey and Klive in Lily Grove, Akin also includes the superhero novel that Klive is writing. Klive's writing is so over the top that it's funny. The superhero flies in and foils the villain, again. The characters in the superhero novel have hysterically alliterative names. The superhero story becomes especially relevant later in the story as Stacey is discovered to be a magical being who ends up “living” in Klive’s novel. Read the book, you'll see what I mean.

I do recommend reading the book. The writing is enjoyable, the plot is fun, and the story is good. My only criticism, only one of the stories resolves. I was left wondering, what happened to Klive? Did Stacey make it back to Lily Grove? And several other strings that just seemed to dangle. That being said, if Akin writes a sequel, I’ll read it. I’d love to know where the characters end up and Akin's writing style is easy to read.

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A Fella Walks Into a Coffeeshop

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Ted Akin is a wandering, wayward Texan telling stories from Kosciusko to Key West. Given the opportunity, he'll go on an adventure and make a story out of it. Given equal opportunity, he will waste an afternoon in a recliner or hammock. view profile

Published on June 04, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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