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We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This - A Memoir of Missed Connections


Must read 🏆

This was a delightfully thought-provoking, and thoroughly interesting read.

From the very first lines it was clear that this was a memoir written by an excellent writer. Ferris draws the reader into the story immediately, and holds attention right until the end.

This is not normally a genre I am particularly interested in, I will read a few year but tend not to seek them out. We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This has entirely changed my perception of memoirs! Attracted by the title I was so enthralled in the story that I was loathe to put it down. I am not sure what captured my interest so much- I think it was just the 'overall package'. There was nothing that I could particularly relate to with the narrator - apart from also having been divorced. The beauty of this memoir was that the reader does not need to relate to the narrator to enjoy the read. She wonderfully describes the events and her actions and reactions in such a way that one is left with an understanding of her perspectives and decision making. Ferris shows how she dealt with loss, tragedy and grief - yet she never gives an impression that she feels there is only one way to deal with these issues. I finished this memoir wanting to read more!

I have no hesitation in awarding five stars to We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This.

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Donna Y. Ferris lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with her husband and dogs – and spends as much time as possible with her two Musketeers in Pittsburgh (the home of her beloved Steelers). To contact Donna email her at donnayferris@minichangeyoga.com. view profile

Published on January 01, 2022

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