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Must read 🏆

Delightfully uplifting and inspiring book urging children to believe in themselves

This is the first time I've picked up a children's picture book for review, and what a good decision it has been!

Each page has beautiful illustrations showcasing a diverse group of children.

The accompanying text has a pleasing and legible font, and it does not overwhelm the page--just about 2-4 lines concisely describing one thought.

The book begins with a call to understand that everyone has a different gift and goes on to give actionable tips to the child to help him/her discover that gift. Once the "superpower" is discovered, the child is guided as to how he/she can work on developing it.

Respecting each other's differences is given importance. I can imagine children poring over the pictures and thinking about the words.

A very happy, colorful, and inspiring picture book!

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Every child, no matter how ordinary or insignificant they may feel, has an inner Superpower just waiting to be discovered. With uplifting prose and whimsical illustrations, Kristina Elliot's new book shows today's kids how to find the spark inside that makes them extraordinary.

About the author

My name is Kristina Elliot and WE ALL HAVE A SUPERPOWER is my first book, largely based on my own experience as a parent. When my children were growing up I saw how they struggled to find their place in the world, and how discovering what they loved helped them to become happy, fulfilled adults. view profile

Published on September 03, 2019

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