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If you’re looking to read a book with a lot of crude and meaningless sex that eventually leads to a real relationship, you might like this.

I don’t even know where to start with this book. The first sentence was, “Carolyn had been separated from Michael for 19 months now.” My first thought was, oh my, someone should have tried to help this author come up with a better hook. If you want to draw in the reader, start with an action, not a statement about what has happened up until that point in time. I wanted to give it a chance anyway, but I quickly began to regret my decision. Chapter one, the author mentions that Carolyn was relieved to be divorcing her husband, and one of the things she was looking forward to was “ longer having to watch movies without a plot to hold the car chases and explosions together…” These words came back to me later as I realized this book seemed to have no plot to hold the sex scenes together. 

I cannot tell you how many times I cringed at the crudity of the descriptions, which were more in keeping with what you might expect to read from a men’s magazine. I learned slang words for vagina that I’d never heard before, and I’m not a young person. I hope never to hear some of them again. I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I read “...licking her pocket out…” I’m not even sure that was the worst of it, but it was close to the end, and at that point, I’d about had it. This was supposed to be a romance, but there was nothing romantic about it—neither the words used, nor the circumstances described.  

It wasn’t until Chapter 11, that Carolyn started to think about what she was doing. At that point, she had an epiphany and realized that “she was the person who hadn’t been noticing or appreciating herself.” She admitted out loud, “I’m the person I’ve been waiting (for) to show up for me.” She cried while she realized this, but I felt nothing for her because her emotion was not described in a way that made it tangible. In fact, I didn’t experience any true emotions until Chapter 15, when she finally started thinking about her miscarriages, and the loss of her baby hours after he had been born. That’s a long time to wait for a payoff.

I persevered through the book because I had committed to write a review. Finally, in Chapter 16, the real romance started. She finally met someone who meant something to her and they got to know one another. As I read, I suddenly realized how backwards this book was. It starts with lots of meaningless sex. It ends with a relationship that builds as a friendship and the sex is not immediate. 

Chapter 15 through the end of the book was the real story. I understand the author’s desire to show how meaningless Carolyn’s life was before meeting Ryan, but what she ended up doing was making the first two-thirds of the story meaningless. I wish I could have skipped all of that and just learned about Carolyn’s past without having to live it with her. In my opinion, this book needs a rewrite. Ultimately, I didn’t enjoy it and I cannot recommend it.

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Published on November 02, 2020

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