Walk in My Shoes: The Path to Empathy and Compassion


Loved it! 😍

A beautiful compilation of stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and restoring our hope in humanity.

This is a beautiful book by Cliff Hakim which weaves together different stories of various people doing kind deeds in their own spaces of influence. We get to walk in their shoes for a little while and get a glimpse into their world and when we do, what we see is kindness, hope and joy which is uplifting and timely for these times.

The art work in the book is amazing too as the author relates each type of shoe to the persons walk. The visual detail of each shoe has been done with so much thought and care that it draws the reader in and leaves us wanting to gobble the story up so we can move on to the next shoe and the walk that is being portrayed.

Also, the author has done a brilliant job of categorising each section and in doing so covers every aspect of life, living and humanity. The extensive number of subjects Hakim covers and the varied backgrounds and of each of them is bound to resonate with many readers.

This good book is a result of the author's careful research into the lives of his subjects and the meticulous way he has linked this to shoes. The message he relays in each story is one of empathy, kindness and compassion and the overall effect of this is a feeling of optimism about the world and our humanity.

I have enjoyed reading this book very much and I hope that others get to have a read and see their own walks reflected in some of the lives portrayed here.

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Cliff Hakim has worn many different shoes, as a teacher, writer, counselor and executive coach, and artisan/entrepreneur. Cliff began drawing shoes in 2018, and their soulful message inspired him to create this book about empathy and compassion—how we learn to walk in the shoes of others. view profile

Published on December 04, 2020

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