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Fun plot-driven SF/Fantasy in which group of rebels assembles to overthrow dragon overlords.

In Viridia, Tim Frankovich has written an interesting twist on the dragon-kill plot as imagined by Tolkien and innumerable gamers. Viridia gives readers a land divided into cities run by dragons who use humans as workers, worshipers, and everyday chattel. While most citizens see the dragons as gods, the main character Beryl has a deep-seated hatred of the green dragon - Viridia - who runs his eponymous city. Together with a group of similar minded folks (D&D fans will recognize a thief, a cleric, and several fighters, renamed as an orphan, an engineer, a sometime priest, and our hero), Beryl hatches a plan to do away with the dragons. The setting is contemporary, although modern technology and science is kept by and for the dragons. Viridia is the first in a series, and it does a good job of managing first-book pacing and cliffhanging well.

Viridia's plot is sound, and there are certainly enough twists to keep action fans interested. The science and engineering add interest for readers who are generally more sf than fantasy inclined - the book should appeal to both groups. However, the women in the plot seem to have been added as an afterthought, and readers may find certain subtle references and the general absence of women anywhere other than as the main character's girlfriend and one other character a little annoying. Character differentiation was also relatively weak; it would have been nice to see a little more separation in personalities.

That having been said, the world building and pacing are well-done, and descriptive scenes like the one below help paint the world that Frankovich has imagined:

"Everywhere I looked, I saw more green. Green grass, green ferns, green bushes, green weeds... all alive. Deep within, I found an intense desire never to return to the city again."

All in all, Viridia is an entertaining addition to the genre that fans in search of a new take on dragons or sf/fantasy combinations should enjoy.

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Tim Frankovich has been exploring fantastic worlds since third grade. He’s gotten a little bit better at the writing part since then. At the moment, he is suitably conscious somewhere in Texas with his beloved wife, awesome four kids, and a fool of a pup named Pippin. view profile

Published on October 07, 2020

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Genre: Science Fiction

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