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A short primer into what it means to understand what your purpose as a Christian should be, in a world full of conformity.

Uproot by Nathan Madison is about taking stock as we reflect upon what it means to be Christian, and figure out what our own struggles are so that we can best be the light in the darkness. Uproot is short and easy to follow, as the foundation is laid out in the beginning chapters, and the outline is well defined.

What I liked: I really appreciated the length. It's short, and therefore a good primer into the basic foundation of faith, and a reminder for long-time Christians that we should periodically be taking stock of our lives in order to make sure that we are following Christ and not the world.

What I didn't like: I think my biggest issue is that Uproot is short. It's great, because it's a quick read and obviously meant to be read more than once, at different points in one's faith. But it's also too short and there are so many places that Uproot could have gone. The purpose was clear however, and concise, so I don't have too many problems otherwise, other than length.

Who should read Uproot: new Christians should read Uproot to get a foundation set up for future experiences, as well as ways to address any baggage that may get brought in. Long-time Christians should read Uproot because it's a reminder that the Christian walk should be moving forward, not staying still or going backwards. And anyone else who might be interested in some of the self-help aspects of Uproot, this should be taken into consideration that a lot of the self-help can be found in psychology and sociology books, but this can definitely be read alongside those books.

Overall: Uproot is an excellent beginner's workbook, with reflection questions that ask you to think about yourself and certain beliefs and practices that you might still be holding on to that you brought in from before you became a Christian, or even beliefs and practices that you learned from other Christians that might need to be pruned.

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Nathan Madison lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Stefanie. Nathan loves dogs (especially those under five pounds), being in nature, and having meaningful late-night conversations with anyone willing to stay awake. view profile

Published on May 12, 2020

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