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Unsinkable: Cancer, Five Boats, and my 710-Kilometre Sea Swim


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Fantastic adventure of one man’s challenge to be the first person to swim the length of Ireland

Having read and reviewed Marathon Man by Alan Corcoran previously it was great to have this book suggested to me. And I wasn’t disappointed. 

Unsinkable: Cancer, Five Boats, and my 710-Kilometre Sea Swim is another fantastic adventure - it highlights Alan’s ability to persevere when others might have given up. 

Unsinkable charts Alan’s journey to be the first person to swim the length of the Irish coast line, motivated to raise funds following the death of his father. 

The book provides an honest portrayal of the struggles Alan faces, primarily as someone who hadn’t swam before and certainly didn’t have the experience to do long distance swimming in cold water. However his ability to train for ultra running set him up for the discipline and mental ability to train for long distance swimming. 

Unsinkable provides an insight into the training process, as well as the difficulties faced during the challenge - from not eating enough to have energy, hypothermia, weather and sea life hazards. 

It also charts the emotional side of such a risk filled adventure, 

“What you believe is best for your life won’t always align with what others want for you or themselves. It can be hard as hell, especially when loved ones aren’t on the same page, but I knew I couldn’t please everyone, and it was my responsibility to steer my ship. I couldn’t allow the challenging friction to dissuade me. Selfishly to some and sensibly to others, I refused to cave to the outside pressures.”

What I love about this book the most is Alan's unstoppable motivation. He throws everything at getting good enough to do such a challenge and doesn’t let adversity stop him from succeeding.

This is a great adventure book for everyone looking for something inspiring to read.

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Alan Corcoran is an Irish endurance adventure athlete. Competing as an Irish international track and field athlete as a youth, he switched to ultra-endurance at twenty, when his dad suffered a stroke. Alan has since fundraised €45,000 for charities through his resilience challenges. view profile

Published on August 17, 2023

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