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This book is about getting out superhero power back using our Memory recall i.e. using our brain to its actual potential. There are many tasks which seems impossible at start will become easy and feasible if we use our memory to full potential. There is no good or bad memory. There is only a trained memory and an untrained memory. Lots of myths about our memory is also busted with proper examples. The most powerful computer ever known is the human brain. The human brain is more complex than any other known structure in the universe. Weighing at three pounds, on average, this spongy mass of fat and protein is made up of two overarching types of cells—called neuroglia and neurons—and it contains many billions of each. Neurons are notable for their branch-like projections called axons and dendrites, which gather and transmit electrochemical signals.


This book is about getting out superhero power back using our Memory recalls i.e. using our brain to its actual potential. There are many tasks which seems impossible at start will become easy and feasible if we use our memory to full potential. There is no good or bad memory. There is only a trained memory and an untrained memory. Lots of myths about our memory is also busted with proper examples. Why I am writing this book? Because I have explored the memory recall benefits recently. It was when I was completely shattered and not knowing what to do after working in corporate world for around 20 years in companies like Raymond Ltd, Arvind Ltd, Jaysynth Dyestuff India Ltd. One day I was listening a motivation podcast named “7 GOOD Minutes” from Clyde Lee Dennis and I heard about memory training. I was not sure that there is something like memory training also exist. But believe me after I explored the subject and got a chance to be trained from Memory Coach Jim Kwik, I become truly LIMITLESS and start exploring different techniques of memory training from Tony Buzan, Aditi Mittal, Jonathan Levi, Keith Hope and Neerja Roy Choudhary. It boosts my confidence immensely. I also got a chance to get training from one of the India’s one of the finest Speaker/Trainer/Coach Ms. Rohini Mundra. Rohini has made me believe that this world in conquerable and you need to believe in you, this is just what is required from you and your unconscious mind will do the rest for you. I really start believing that at my age also I can train my memory to become limitless. To tell you the truth I memorized the complete Periodic Table, I can tell 100 objects forward and backward and I can use Number sound technique effectively. My kid who is just 7 years of age can tell 20 objects forward and backward, can tell first 10 elements of Periodic table and already started writing tables with tricks I have told him. This all just in span of 3-4 months only. This leads me to teach these methods to anybody and everybody who is struggling with their untrained memory. This book is just an effort to say thank you to all my teachers who have taught me at different stages of my life. In this book you will come across the methods by which you will able to learn how to learn in first place and any new learning will become a fun game for you. Though my aim of life is to bring changes in the lives of at least one million people but if this small effort of mine something so that even only one person got benefitted using techniques mentioned in this book, I will be the most happiest person on this earth and I will continue my effort make this world a happy place. Using memory strategies can give you that boost in your memory that we all need, and it can improve your efficiency in learning as well. Keep in mind that you may need to practice a few of these strategies before they come easily, but once you have them down, they should clearly benefit your learning and recall of information. Please treat this book as your entry ticket to untapped world of Memory recall and I will come up with the books with more advanced technique for all i.e. students and teachers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, professionals and Home makers who are integral parts of society, in my upcoming series of books. Chapter I. Where Do you Stand Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who Keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. - Sir Henry Ford Questionnaire To Understand Your Learning Style To begin with let us first understand what is the way by which you learn anything and this questionnaire will solve your query of your learning type and by using that technique you will be able to recall more efficiently. 1. When you don’t pretty recognize or recollect something: - a. It doesn’t ring a bell or resonate b. It seems foggy or undistinguishable c. You can’t get a handle on it or feel it 2. You will tell directions to your friend to reach to your home, you will: - a. Tell him/her the directions? b. Draw a map for him/her? c. Pick him/her up instead? 3. You have gone to your friend’s town and staying at a hotel far from his/her place and you have to visit his/her place, you want him/her to: - a. Tell you the directions? b. Share a map with you? c. Pick you up? 4. You better understand technical material when: - a. someone explains ideas to you? b. You yourself visualize and see the whole picture conceptually? c. Learning practically or by hands on experience? 5. You have to cook something for your family members: - a. You will take help of your mother or wife? b. You will refer some famous Cookbook? c. You will cook something you already have done? 6. You have to purchase New TV for your home, what will influence your buying decision the most: - a. A friend’s suggestion? b. It’s unique look and appearance? c. Your gut feeling? 7. You have learned one of the board games like Monopoly, Pictionary etc. by: - a. Somebody explained you? b. Referring Instructions? c. Self-learning it? 8. Which games you will preferred playing the most? a. Objective type questions? b. Monopoly? c. Dumb Charades? 9. Your concentration wanders the most by? a. Seeing a weird painting or image? b. Listening some music? c. Your clothes are uncomfortable? 10. If you are not sure of a spelling then you will? a. See the image of that word in your mind and chose the best? b. Speak it out? c. Write down and then will chose it? Now try to mark your answers. If you get most of or all “a” then you are a auditory learner, if you got most of or all “b” then you are visual learner and you got most of or all “c” then you are Kinesthetic learner. Let us now understand these learning types: - 1. Auditory Learner: - If you learn most comfortably either by listening a lecture, podcast, audios, discussions etc. then you are an Auditory Learner. Simple Tip: - If a question asked and you look straight for answer or recall that means you’re an auditory learner. 2. Visual Learner: - If you learn through illustrations, charts, videos and other visual media then your learning style is Visual learning. Simple Tip: - If a question asked and you look up and mostly left side for answer or recall that means you’re a visual learner. 3. Kinesthetic Learner: - You prefer learning by physical interaction or hands on learning then you are a Kinesthetic Learner. Simple Tip: - If a question asked and you look down for answer or recall that means you’re a Kinesthetic learner. Test your memory to find where do you stand now Now let us test your memory to understand where you actually stand as of now and how much time you have to set aside every day for self-development for getting your superpower back. List #1. Here is the list of 20 words which you have to read and memorize for 5 minutes. You have to recall in 5 minutes in later section. 1. Ace 2. Taurus 3. Cube 4. Nibble 5. Punch 6. Braille 7. Notes 8. Oxygen 9. South Africa 10. Deca 11. Apollo 12. Jupiter 13. Rugby 14. Stone 15. Myanmar 16. Chess 17. Haiku 18. Golf 19. Gower 20. Dartboard List #2. Here is list of 10 numbers of 5 digits each and you have 5 minutes to memorize and 5 minutes to recall in next section: - 1. 13911 2. 73758 3. 81702 4. 82841 5. 24167 6. 48530 7. 16154 8. 73110 9. 21492 10. 94120 Test #1. Recall the list of words in the sequence and give yourself two points for every correct recalled word. 15.---------- 9. ---------- 3. ---------- 8. ---------- 6. ---------- 4. ---------- 7. ---------- 2. ---------- 17. ---------- 1. ---------- 19. ---------- 5. ---------- 10. ---------- 12. ---------- 20. ---------- Test #2. Recall the list of numbers in sequence and give yourself two points for every correct recall. 8. ---------- 5. ---------- 6. ---------- 4. ---------- 7. ---------- 3. ---------- 9. ---------- 2. ---------- 10. ---------- 1. ---------- Test Scores: - Pls. note your scores below to find out your overall performance: - Test No. Your Score Test #1 Test #2 Total Score Score 1-20: - This book will work for you to first implant the memory hacks so that you can get a better score but for that you have to promise that you will give special attention so that magical results can be seen in your memory. Score 21-40: - You are knowingly unknowingly already practicing some of memory techniques and are eventually on your way to become Memory Superhero only little bit of brushing up required to make yourself real gem Score >40: - You are already a superhero but your powers need little awakening and you will attain whatever you have dreamt in your life. Now as you know where you stand as of now and what short of efforts required to get the maximum benefits of your brain capacity. Let us now understand what actually a brain is capable of as you have Ferrari with you but driving skills for that Ferrari is what needed to achieve maximum output. In next chapter we will learn about mother of all super computers made till date i.e. your brain and its potential.  

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The author is a Memory Coach specialized in Accelerated Learning Techniques and Memory Recall Techniques. He is also a Public Speaker. He has done Bachelors in Textile Engg. and have worked in various renowned Indian Textile Companies before starting his career as Coach and Speaker. view profile

Published on October 05, 2020

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