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Luna Burke may have terrible taste in husbands, but she'll do whatever it takes to save an animal in danger.

Luna Burke knows she made a serious mistake by marrying the ridiculously wealthy Adam Matheson. After he locks her in a room following a gala, Luna takes matters into her own hands, smashes a window, and takes off to avoid her controlling husband by hiding out at a friend’s animal sanctuary. Used to getting his own way, Matheson has an eagle kidnapped from its bonded mate and tells Luna the only way to get it back is to come talk to him in person. He thinks he’s in charge, especially as his right-hand man and enforcer is a former Heisman trophy winner who will do anything for him. What Mattheson has highly underestimated is Luna, a volunteer named Ned, and what lengths animal rehabbers are willing to go to in order to get animals in danger to safety. 

Author Suzie Gilbert has an obvious love for, and large knowledge base of, animals and animal rescue. While her characters are fictional, so many of them feel like they could be based on real people. A personal favorite was the character Warren; a former military man with a panther rescue and the ability to get out of most scrapes. He’s hysterically funny, even when he isn’t meant to be. Gilbert’s animal rehabbers and rescuers certainly know how to party and to make sure that their people are taken care of. Adam Matheson's character is deeply uncomfortable and clearly a complete nutcase from even the first chapters of the book.

Unflappable makes excellent points about the current state of affairs in Environmental Protection in the United States, current policy, and the lengths that many people have to take to keep greed from destroying natural resources. This is peppered throughout the story, but is not overwhelming. Readers will pick up bits and pieces while deeply immersed in the story of Luna, Ned, and their crazy adventure (full of law-breaking and intrigue) to make sure that a pair of bonded eagles get safely to a Canadian animal sanctuary.

Unflappable is a fun and entertaining read in troubling times. 

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I live in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, am passionate about wildlife, and have been working with wild birds for nearly 30 years. My earlier books are Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings (HarperCollins) and a children’s book, Hawk Hill (Chronicle Books). view profile

Published on March 24, 2020

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