Tyrone the Terrible


Loved it! 😍

An excellent storybook for children by a gifted author. It might be enjoyable for children of all ages too!

I chose Tyrone the Terrible by Jan Lis for review because I succumbed quickly to a temptation I experienced while glimpsing its synopsis. What I read (in the synopsis) led me to believe that here lay an opportunity to revisit that sublime land of bygone days inhabited by such worthies as Puff the Magic Dragon, Mowgli and his “Jungle Book” friends, the critters in “Aesop’s Fables”, and many more. You know it too; it’s a brief walk down memory lane to days when you were young (if you’re 'old' now!)—an irresistible land, full of lovable animal rascals, scoundrels, Terribles and Horribles, whose joys we cannot equal but share.

As I started reading Tyrone the Terrible, I realized I had entered that innocent land of fun and frolic once more. I was walking along the dirt path near a chameleon’s house. From the book, I discovered his name was Tyrone. A short while later, I saw him sitting on that rock named Stone Rock (near the bend in the river they call ‘Gnarly Tree Bend’). He was born not too long ago. He was so thin and puny that I couldn’t believe destiny held the role of a Terrible for him, but strangely it did!

This book for children is sure to enchant, draw, and cast that familiar spell of wonder and awe, that a superb story casts on an eager audience of young children when told. The hand-drawn sketches aid in visualizing and make it more enjoyable. The only problem is it's short and there isn’t another story in the book to tell an audience member who insists on being told one more. And there’s a moral to learn too: being terrible works, but success is short-lived under a regime of terror. In the long run, you risk losing your honor ... or even being killed by one more terrible than yourself! A Terrible lasts only until another that’s more terrible arrives ... so, why not try being friendly in the first place?

There is no magic or scary stuff, aliens or UFOs, etc. in Tyrone the Terrible, so wary parents can drop all fears and buy it boldly for their kids. It’s suitable for school going kids up to (say) grade six and ideal for the younger members in this group. I recommend it whole-heartedly to parents all over the globe for use for their children.

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Jan Lis is south Florida writer and artist. Living in this multicultural area, Jan uses these diverse cultural influences in her stories. Jan attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, has a degree from Ohio University’s School of Fine Art, and took post-graduate writing at Case-Western Reserve. view profile

Published on March 11, 2020

Published by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.

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