Two Spies Reach out From the Grave


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Mission Impossible meets Berlin Station, this hefty spy thriller is a frenetic ride

"Two Spies Reach out From the Grave" is that rarity, a boy's own adventure with a super spy – implanted earpiece giving him a window into the world – combined with modern-day geopolitical intrigue and treachery. Nathan Adamson careens around the world, sent in on impossible assignments in impossible places, while a very old (actually very, very old) ex-French Resistance spy, Nathan's friend, unearths secrets from the past. Chad Huskins writes in a clipped yet fulsome, "right there in the middle" first-person style that works brilliantly, with no friction whatsoever between one place and the next, and kinetic fight or flight scenes. Characterisation is surprisingly deep for such a novel. I loved the varied locales lit by a torchlight of battlefield intrigue, and the author's knowledge of the arcane world of the modern spy seems amazingly complete. There is a sense in which the plot grows absurd, but as with the MI franchise, you go with the flow, just to follow our hero and heroine to the double-crossing end. A vibrant new entry into a genre mostly filled with forgettable heroes and battles.

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After a global finance career, Andres Kabel returned to his hometown of Melbourne to write. His Gentle & Tusk mystery series is two books strong, with a third on the way. Far from crime fiction, his stirring nonfiction tale of the history of nuclear reactors nears publication.

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Ryan Husk won the 2009 EVVY Award for fiction. He has written fourteen novels and numerous short stories. He is a self-defense instructor, has trained SWAT and bodyguards, and works private security. view profile

Published on September 01, 2018

Published by Nine Dusks Entertainment

200000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Espionage

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