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Two Little Raindrops


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Through hilarious illustrations and lively rhyming, two little raindrops make a huge Splish and Splash readers young and old will enjoy!

When their cloud becomes dark and heavy during a spring storm, two little raindrops named Splish and Splash embark on a lively adventure.

Upon jumping out of the cloud, they find themselves on land and separated from their family. Together, they decide to find their way home and rejoin their family.

After a transformative experience, they complete their voyage through the water cycle by evaporating and forming a cloud with their family in the sky.

To begin with, I absolutely adore the names of the two characters, Splish and Splash. Another thing I appreciated was how Adele introduced them to the reader. “Two little friends, tiny droplets so light. Lived in a cloud which was puffy and white. One was called Splish, he had eyes like a fish, and one was called Splash with a fancy mustache.” 

The charming characters in this story make it a fun and educational way for children to learn about the water cycle!

Like water in the story, the words have a lyrical flow and are pleasant to the ear. The A-B rhyming pattern, deliberately chosen, enhances the fun factor for young readers.

Phonological awareness, a prerequisite for reading, can also be introduced by pointing out the rhyming words. When the read-aloud is complete, readers can compose a list of words that rhyme with splish and splash.

Another little feature I enjoyed was the specific placement of certain words. For example, downhill is written diagonally as if the words were tumbling downward. This technique is sure grab the readers’ attention and have them searching for more unusually placed words.

Tu's illustrations are full of life and an absolute riot. Youngsters are sure to giggle at the hilarious expressions of the main characters.

I really enjoyed the usage of targeted vocabulary and the simplified diagram of the water cycle as well as the tips offered on water conservation.


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In this rhyming picture book two quirky raindrops, Splish and Splash, find themselves far away from their comfortable cloud. They both soon realize that they miss their family. Building up courage, they have to work together to discover a path that leads them home.

“Wee!” said the friends, as they started to giggle.
They swerved and they swam, then they jumped with a jiggle.

The story’s rhythmic beat and use of onomatopoeia make it fun to read aloud, with lovely Illustrations that capture the characters' thrilling adventure. Parents and teachers can use this book to introduce the important role that water plays in our environment, and to show children how wondrous nature can be!

After reading about Splish and Splash's adventure, there is a simple explanation of the water cycle with a diagram, making this book a great way to introduce the water cycle to children. There are also a few practical tips to save water.

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Published on October 17, 2023

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