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Twin Torn: Pangea Series: Book 1


Loved it! 😍

Vampires, werewolves, and the apocalypse? Oh my! Observe as people and creatures from all walks of life try to avert the end times!

With the threat of the apocalypse, seemingly random people will be drawn together for an uncertain reason, especially one man calling himself Ash as Book One of the Pangea SagaTwin Torn sets the stage. Starting with Ash, a man who possesses no memory of his life or identity, along with a never-ending hunger for blood, making his way across New York state until he comes across a strange girl named Kayala from another world. Now the two are being chased by the minions of a Vampire Queen seeking a Child of Destiny. Meanwhile, the world appears to be in the early stages of doomsday, and worlds may collide as a result.

One off-putting aspect of this book I would have to point out is the slow pace, in the beginning, at times it appeared there was no clear plot, and more time was spent world-building, or worlds in this case, the characters call home. Only at the halfway point did the plot pick up the pace and all the characters' stories start to form together making the wait well worth it. Though it did feel like one very long prologue, setting the stage for the overall story. All of the fantasy elements add a layer to the story, and it is done smoothly in a natural way that makes them seem like they are part of this world without any giant information dumps. Over time the reader understands each character's story, the bits of development for each character are few and far between, but it's worth it, in the long run, to fully tell the story.

This book is a good starting stage for the rest of the serious situation the characters find themselves in, and since this is book one of a saga, I look forward to seeing the rest of the series. Hopefully, fans of fantasy (especially fans of vampires and werewolves) with a multiverse twist along with fans of doomsday stories will enjoy this as well.

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Published on November 01, 2020

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