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Try and Stop Me!


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Empowering, inspiring and motivational. This book teaches young girls that they are capable of achieving anything they set their mind too.

What glass ceiling? Cooper has crafted another fantastic story, this one aimed directly at young girls. This book is motivational and inspirational. This encouraging tale shares the story of several girls who were told no, yet they chased after their dreams anyways. Just try and stop them! They become race car drivers and stunt doubles in movies. They break the mold and break the stereotypes of what girls can and should become when they grow up.

In this book, young girls share their stories of being told they can't become what they dream of when they grow up. They are told their job choice is unsafe, unlady-like, they'd never be strong enough, or that the job is only for men. Each girl ignores the barriers set in front of them by society and hurdles over them to success. From becoming a firefighter to a Marine, a tattoo artist to a surgeon, this book explores unique and diverse career opportunities for women, especially careers in typically male dominated fields.

I absolutely adored this book and parents everywhere with daughters should add this to their bookshelves. It was a delight to read. It had bright and vibrant illustrations with a cartoon-ish feel that were cute and captivating for young readers. The repetition of some of the sentences will make it easy for young readers to jump in and join in reading aloud. The book is filled with great statement sentences such as, "don't let anyone put you down," or "if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it." These can become mantras for young girls to repeat to themselves, reminding themselves that they have the ability to do anything they want if they work hard.

One of the great messages in the book is to embrace what makes you unique, from their desire to help others, artistic creativity, courage and bravery, or book smarts. There is a job for you out there where you can showcase your special talents, whether it is building or drawing. A fabulous tale to help empower young girls to go after their dreams whatever they may be.

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Empowering girls to be powerful women! This book is to encourage girls to chase their dream jobs, no matter how unconventional they may be. They are breaking the gender statistics and achieving their goals. And when someone tries to discourage them, the girls just calmy say, "Try and Stop Me!"

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A writer before she could even write, children’s book author Marianne Cooper would draw pictures as a child and record her stories on a portable recorder. She was aspired to be an author ever since. Marianne gets her book ideas from everyday life, her children, and even her pets. view profile

Published on January 18, 2022

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