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Trusted to Thrive: How leaders create connected and accountable teams


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Ground-breaking book that focuses on the importance of trust in team building and organizational success.

Teamwork and trust are essential parts of any organization. Sadly, many departments and organizations struggle with properly organized teams because of lack of trust. Trying to navigate teams especially in this virtual work environment can sometimes seem futile. In Trusted to Thrive: How Leaders Create Connected and Accountable Teams, Marie-Claire Ross steps in to lend a helping hand in these turbulent times. The author provides hacks that can help teams to improve productivity by learning how to trust.

Trusted to Thrive: How Leaders Create Connected and Accountable Teams is divided into four main sections: the basics, fostering safety, creating connection, and stepping into a meaningful future.  The author uses the first section of the book to provide context for the reader. Reading that first section will help the reader get a better understanding of what’s to come in the rest of the book. That is a brilliant strategy by the author because readers will not feel at sea when they get deeper into the Integrated Trust Building System.

I love that the author did not just talk about trust in a vacuum. Marie-Claire includes stories from successful business leaders that will inspire and spur the reader to create a culture of trust. The author draws on biology, neuroscience, sociology, and psychology research to craft what she considers the best way to build trust. The activities and case studies at the end of each chapter are a welcome bonus for anyone looking to create teams that work well together.

Marie-Claire Ross is qualified to provide the information in this text. The author is the former CEO of an award-winning training video production company who is very familiar with trust building systems. Whether you are a team leader or part of a team, I believe you can benefit from the contents of Trusted to Thrive: How Leaders Create Connected and Accountable Teams.

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Marie-Claire Ross is devoted to giving her readers insights and actionable steps to improve their impact, confidence and job satisfaction. She works with senior leaders, leadership teams and work teams to help them build healthy, high trust team cultures. view profile

Published on March 02, 2022

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