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Truffle Trouble


Worth reading 😎

This delicious cozy mystery makes up for in cultural flare what it lacks in steady plot beats.

Budding amateur detective Sophie Kiesser gets more than she bargains for when her mother-in-law, who runs a detective agency, assigns her to a paying job to find a lost dog. But when Sophie stumbles across a dead body in her search for the prized pooch, she finds herself drawn into a much more intriguing mystery: who murdered the universally-disliked victim?

The world-building in Truffle Trouble was superbly executed. From page one, I felt immersed in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Provence. Having only been to Paris and no other parts of France, I thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of Provence, with its world-renowned truffles and other delicacies. Bausse truly has a skillful gift for writing even the most mundane activities in such a way that it is beautiful and delicious. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Provencal hook for a cozy mystery. As an avid reader of cozy mysteries, the majority that I read are set in either England, Scotland, or the East Coast of the US, and they typically have hooks related to books, baking, knitting, etc. So to find a cozy mystery with a French culinary hook was novel and delightful.

My favorite parts of Truffle Trouble were the police detective's letters to his long-distance lover. They made for a nice diversion from the main plot. I only wish we got to see more of Cyril and Gabrielle's budding relationship.

Somewhat disappointingly, the pacing lagged for much of the novel, and upon retrospection, I think this was due to the fact that there were not enough plot beats, so the plot beats that did exist were stretched too thinly. Though part of this next issue is no doubt due to English being my native tongue, but I had a difficult time keeping track of all the characters' names. There was a pretty wide cast of characters, so some reminders of who was who would have been helpful. Additionally, it felt as though the main character, Sophie, didn't always react to dire situations in as serious a way as one would expect. For instance, when she first comes across the dead body, her reaction felt far too casual to be believable to me.

Overall, Truffle Trouble was a light and enjoyable cozy mystery with a delicious Provencal hook. Though the plot points and pacing lack in many places, I definitely recommend this for cozy mystery lovers looking to be immersed in French culture.

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I grew up in Wales, was educated in England and have spent most of my life in France. After running a café-theatre, I currently live and write in Provence, where Magali Rousseau (of my first series) jogs, paints, and catches murderers. Now retired, she's training Sophie Kiesser to take over. view profile

Published on April 03, 2020

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