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Trove: A Woman's Search for Truth and Buried Treasure


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A compelling memoir about uncovering secrets—whether buried in the earth or buried within a family.

Sandra Miller's Trove hooks you with a single question: Will Miller successfully find the pirate chest at the end of an amateur treasure hunt competition? Readers can look up the results of this very real treasure hunt online at any time, of course, but they'll be too busy turning the pages as Miller's search for treasure turns into a search for answers about herself, her marriage, and her relationship to her dying mother.

Miller has been a treasure seeker since childhood, when she would collect discarded bottle caps and brooches to create her own trove of happiness in the center of a simultaneously distant and chaotic family life. Trove connects the past to the present, setting out a series of clues for the reader to follow as Miller follows her own (yes, the book itself is a treasure hunt, though savvy readers will be able to identify Miller's ultimate treasure long before the answer is revealed).

Will Miller find what she is looking for, whether it's a chest filled with $10,000 in gold coins or a way to have an honest conversation with her mother? This memoir successfully takes us into Miller's mind and heart as she searches for each shiny fleck in the sand—and each memory of kindness or truth or pain—that might lead her to what she truly desires.

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Sandra A. Miller is a regular correspondent with the The Boston Globe Magazine and contributes to dozens of other publications nationwide. She teaches writing at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and lives in Arlington with her husband and two children. view profile

Published on September 19, 2019

Published by Brown Paper Press

60000 words

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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