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Trouble In Monarto


Loved it! 😍

Action all the way as one man takes on the drug lords of his town, and runs into some extreme adventures, and zany people, in the process.

A good read that moves along at a pace as it ducks bullets and dives into some of the murkier places and darker events in the town of Monarto in Australia.

Alex Jaeger is a larger-than-life character who decides to take on whoever it was that tried to shoot him for his stash of ill-gotten cash. From here it is all on the go as he first confronts Guido Spinoza, the head of the underworld group that is involved in arms smuggling, gambling, clubs and drugs. But it is not so simple. Alex discovers that the person he thought was a rival to Guido turns out to be in cahoots with him - and the two gangsters are in fact working together in a master-minded plot to destroy thousands of people who are addicted to the very drug they are producing and peddling on the streets of Monarto.

As the story picks up pace so Alex picks up people who have no choice but be dragged into the web of intrigue. Janie, who is hooked on the same drug, and Took who turns out to be not only a car and bike-mad fanatic but something of a hero too. He is also shacking up in an empty house which he has conveniently turned into his 'home'. Somewhere in all of this is a zany sense of humor – the getaway vehicle is Took’s bus, the trio are shot at, nearly drowned in an underground water system, ambushed and more but when a raging dog is set on them Took stands up to it and manages to beat the dog, never mind its owner.  And Alex has all the attributes of a real-life MacGyver, with his ability to turn ordinary things like a piece of wire into a lethal weapon or a tool to pick the lock of his own handcuffs. 

When the inevitable show-down happens it all ends in true heroic style - all's well that ends well and yes, of course he gets his girl.

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Born and raised on a mixed farm, South Australia. A love of Nature, a curiosity for life, a love of adventure, a natural born talent for observation, an absolute believer in people and their dreams. view profile

Published on March 31, 2020

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