Trick or Treat: The Story of the Switch Witch and How She Came to Be


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This creative and unique story gives one possibility of how the Switch Witch came to be and her important contributions to Halloween.

Abigail is a young witch living in Transylvania with her community of other witches and warlocks. The only time they are permitted to cross into the mortal realm is October 31, and Abigail waits attentively for this important date each year. Though the Harvest Festival is always fun, her favorite part is the costume contest because the prize consists of mortal sweet treats, which she can get nowhere else. Since there is never enough to share with everyone, Abigail uses her creativity and ingenuity to modify the Harvest Festival to lead to a mutually beneficial relationship of trading tricks for the treats she craves.

This unique contribution to the canon of Halloween picture books introduces readers to the Switch Witch and how she came to be. Playful font is used to present the text in the story, which is placed carefully and complements the accompanying illustrations. Written for an elementary school-aged audience, this book is on the longer side and incorporates blocks of text throughout. Additionally, the plot is complex and spans several years of time as Abigail searches for just the right way to secure enough sweet treats for her community to enjoy.

Richly hued, jewel-toned illustrations are included on nearly every page, featuring Abigail in her home in Transylvania. Most of the colors are the deep purples, oranges, blacks, and greens of Halloween, and they adorn detailed images of the moments described within the text. Well-designed to be read aloud, children will appreciate the textures and patterns incorporated within each illustration as they listen to the story. Friendly and accessible, the rich color palette and Halloween decor will immediately place readers in the spirit of this fall celebration.

Though a newer tradition, the Switch Witch is growing in popularity, and this book provides one imaginative consideration of how she might have come into being. At the end of the book, readers are given a link to Angels Treats for Troops, a service which permits children to exchange their candy for other gifts, much like the Switch Witch herself. Written by a psychologist, this story aims to cultivate the spirit of wonder throughout a person’s life, no matter their age. Unique and vibrant, this story presents a delightful and fun possibility of how witches and warlocks might view Halloween and influence its celebration in the mortal realm.

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Every year on October 31, the witch and warlock children of Transylvania jump on their magic brooms and fly into town to take part in the mortal's Harvests celebration. Although she enjoys the festivities, Abigail - the most precocious little witch of them all - wishes to bring back enough mortal treats to share with all of Transylvania to enjoy all year long! One day, after accidentally slipping into her mother's brewing pot, Abigail comes up with a brilliant plan.

Join Abigail as she embarks on a delightful and historical journey to change the mortal Harvest celebration to the miraculous birth of Trick or Treat and how the Switch Witch came to be.

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Dr. Antoinette Corley-Newman is a clinical psychologist who believes strongly in the importance of an active imagination and its ability to improve and maintain one’s mental health, which feeds her passion to create stories that allows you to connected to their innocence regardless of age. view profile

Published on September 07, 2021

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