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Treasure Isle: A Swashbuckling Tale of a Boy and his Parrot


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As delightful to view as it is to read aloud, this imaginative story is well suited to young readers with a taste for nautical adventure.

One day, a boy and his parrot board a ship with a map in hand to search the vast sea for treasure. Over ten nights and days, the companions explore, passing sea creatures and fog before spotting islands on the horizon. Through their telescope, they find that the first island does not match the description on their map, the second is too cold, and the third does not have the right vegetation. When a storm whips up and threatens the brave explorers, they must stay the course to arrive at their desired destination.

This imaginative picture book is ideally suited to young children with a thirst for adventure and pirate treasure. The protagonist in this story has fair skin and red hair, and is accompanied by all manner of sea creatures. As the boy travels the great sea, he accumulates companions from each stop, adding to the delightful flavor of the illustrations. A dynamic blend of illustrative tools gives the images a soft, whimsical appearance, emphasizing the many textures and details found in nautical landscapes. Readers will love examining the images closely, as each one includes more elements than the text itself describes.

Written in rhyming couplets, this story is a delight to read aloud. With only a select number of lines on each page, the narrative flows smoothly and easily while still providing observers a chance to investigate the images while listening. Occasional shifts in font size and placement offer a dynamic alteration to the appearance of some pages, enhancing textual awareness while increasing visual appeal. A repetitive and predictable structure is well-suited to the target audience who will relish the opportunity to participate in the story while anticipating the next plot point.

Imaginative and enjoyable, this story is a standout among rhyming books for children. Evenly balanced lines makes it pleasant to read aloud, and the narrative is sure to engage a range of young children. It can be read at any time of the day, but it is especially well suited to being a bedtime selection as it will inspire creative dreams in young children. This is an excellent addition to libraries for young readers who enjoy rhyming stories, cheerful companions, and imaginative whimsy.

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When a boy and his parrot set sail in search of pirates' treasure, they find themselves on an unexpected adventure. Can they find their way to the place where X marks the spot?

Treasure Isle will delight readers, young and old, as they follow this brave crew-of-two on their journey through fair winds and following seas.

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Catherine Corcoran is an Australian author who loves to create uplifting, wonder-filled stories. Her first short story, The Bushland Party, was published by her school library when she was 10 years old. Catherine lives in Texas with her husband and three little boys. view profile

Published on September 27, 2021

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