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Read this if you need a kick to get out of your comfort zone and reclaim your adventurous side!

This book is hugely relatable for those who have a happy life, a roof over their head, loved ones and friends yet still feel as though they have not achieved their purpose in life. Chaundell Monn explains throughout that it is totally okay to be unsatisfied with your life even if you are grateful for your privileges because it is natural to want more out of the one shot you have at life. This book is for people who want to spice up their life with a bit of adventure or fulfilling the wishes and ambitions they had craved to achieve before modern mundane life washed over it and suddenly you find yourself in the same routine at home and work. The author encourages you throughout to reclaim your courageous self within and reminds you that the only thing stopping you from venturing outside of your comfort zone and thus feeding your curiosity and happiness is you. I like how Trailblazer urges you to be proactive in your goals rather than simply giving you advice that you can use "if you want to". Monn makes clear that being a Trailblazer is worth the work. It necessitates taking risks, acting spontaneously every now and again, a near constant exploration, and of course embracing 'the daring life'.

It is like Monn says : 'Your life. Your rules. You get to decide'.

Although foreign travel is a bit difficult for me in the UK what with the current coronavirus situation, this book makes me itch to get out there and reclaim my adventurous side so I do not find myself wallowing one day in my bed over what ifs'.

This is a very enjoyable read, complete with self-reflection and action steps and a downloadable workbook including prompts and exercises for recording your insights and learnings. This book is both practical and motivating. I loved it!

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About the author

Chaundell Monn is a Daring Life Guide to women who are ready to surrender to their Inner Compass & be trailblazers. Through her book & Daring life mentorships she reminds you that all the answers you need are already within you & that all your experiences are working together for what you want. view profile

Published on November 01, 2020

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Genre: Self-help & Self-improvement

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