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Tough Luck Idiot: Memories Of A Flipass Soul


Loved it! 😍

Reads quickly but there is a lot between the lines for readers to reflect on.

   This is a Bildungsroman saturated in alcohol, shrouded in a marijuana haze, fueled by various other forms of narcotics. Some readers will focus on all of that and miss the insights the author gives. This is not exactly a confessional, although there are some elements of that genre here. More exactly, it is a memoir about his adolescent and young adult years.

    In this first-person narrative there is not much room for detail or background. Readers will find only the barest details about family. Primarily this story depicts the author’s experiences in school and a succession of low-paying, entry-level jobs that would not make an impressive resume.

    There are numerous cultural references, especially to music. I would call it the Underground Music that was mainly on the FM side of the radio dial. That is what I listened to in high school and college. Truth be told, my life story would not be even a tenth as interesting as his in terms of recreation; I am fine with that, incidentally. Later in the book there is a very interesting section about concerts that the author attended. His commentary on the music and the musicians is cogent and well-expressed. Along the way the author learned the guitar and played in a number of bands.

    Travelling from Western New York State through the Midwest, Arizona, and finally Los Angeles, the author begins to pull back from his lifestyle and become a grownup. The last part of the book is insightful. He appends some poems which are actually quite good; I would encourage him to write some more, even a chapbook if not a full-fledged book.

    At times the book is repetitive, but that shows the spiral of descent that was going on. As I read, I thought about many of the students I taught or young Soldiers I knew in my careers. Not all of them would be able to write such a book as this for various reasons.

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I am a published poet with four books out there of my own, and two in collaboration with artist Carol Worthington-Levy. My first novel, "The Botleys of Beaumont County" is available on Blurb & launched here on October 20! Literary fiction piece set in the Southeastern USA around 2008.

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Nik Graveson is a lifelong musician, casual poet and casual painter. "Tough Luck Idiot: Memories Of A Flipass Soul" is his first book, a gritty tragicomic memoir of his late teens and early 20's from his hometown in the backwater industrial Midwest to the West of America. view profile

Published on October 24, 2020

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