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Touch of Fire


Worth reading 😎

Good writing, slow-burning story and complex struggles made even hard to endure by society's expectations.

Touch of Fire by Pam Goode is a novel about love and the struggles of it, about society's expectations (especially on women), making life mistakes and the courage it takes to get over them and do what's good for you.

The writing and storytelling is flawless and it paints life just as it is: messy, painful, complex, complicated and beautiful. It is a story about heartbreak and love, pain and desire, loss and acceptance.

The story is not told chronologically and the reader has to put it head to toe from the glimpses they get into the main character's life, Jenny. Jenny is a new mum in a difficult marriage and all the choices she makes puts her against society and even her own family. Every little glimpse of Jenny's life is woven through the story almost with fire. The fire is present everywhere, hence the title - and it's not literally fire, but that fire inside of each of us.

Jenny's struggles are real and relatable. She is a complex characters and it's hard not to empathize with her struggles, even though you might not agree with her actions. Life is not black and white and it was refreshing to have a main character that makes mistakes, that's not perfect on paper or otherwise. Where the book falls short is... the other characters. Even though the book is about Jenny and told from her perspective, I still wanted to see more development when it comes to the other characters as well. I wanted to learn more about them and for them not just to be in Jenny's life to push the plot forward.

But overall, the book is really engaging and easy to read. Once you start, it is hard to stop. The writing simply flows and it captures the reader in a mosaic of life that is hard to let go.

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A native of New Orleans and graduate of Duke University in English Literature, Pam is an avid traveler fascinated by the human spirit, with its foibles, complexities, and hope. Consequently, a penchant for philosophical ramblings is pretty much expected. This is her debut novel. view profile

Published on July 24, 2020

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Genre: Literary Fiction

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