Tiffany's Tiff: the Bully and the Bullied


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Tiffany's Tiff is about a girl that experiences bullying and learns to have compassion for her bully. A story every child should read!

Tiffany's Tiff is about a little girl who experiences bullying. After she is threatened by a schoolyard bully, she has a vision which explains to her: where unkindness comes from and how to handle it. This story is both timely and creative!

As parents face challenges of their own, it has become increasingly difficult for them to explain an unkind world. However, this story does a good job of explaining the origins of bullying in an imaginative and sympathetic manner.

I liked best the glossary included at the back. Although the context explains the essence of each word in the story, the author encourages the love for reading by introducing words that may be a little difficult to understand for the young reader. Thus, the glossary is both noteworthy and important.

The pictures are playful and relatable. However, the use of bold colors may make it harder for young children to read, especially at night. Nonetheless, the story brings home its didactical point in fine style!

I would recommend this book to any parent who faces the challenge of explaining bullying to their child. Children will learn to sympathize with bullies, instead of choosing to be angry with them.

I find this story to be impressive, creative, and important!

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Tiffany's Tiff

~ After being threatened by a schoolyard bully, Tiffany goes on an emotional journey to enlightenment in a world of her own colorful imagination.

Although the original idea that author Gwen Blodgett had for this story was a silly one, made up in the whimsical, creative mind of a second grader, what it has become is so much more!

Gwen and her father, J.G. Blodgett, worked together to transform Gwen's original comedic idea for a short story, about an embarrassing encounter between a girl and a tiger, into a story that tackles the issue of bullying in schools. Bullying is a serious problem, one that almost all of our children will be faced with at some point in their lives, and having children's books about bullying can only help to educate our children, not only to have more empathy towards one another, but also to be more prepared to face the issue of bullying in schools. Gwen and J.G. feel very strongly about the need for children's books that teach empathy and kindness, and they hope that you and your children will be both entertained by Tiffany's Tiff, while learning a valuable life lesson at the same time.

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J.G. Blodgett is a fantasy novelist, children’s book author, and screenwriter, born and raised in Southern Nevada. He now resides in beautiful Northern Arizona, where he will spend the rest of his days living for his God, loving his family, and creating art through writing, photography, and film. view profile

Published on March 19, 2021

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