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Through the Window


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An innocent-looking envelope is the key that unlocks a web of secrets that threaten to blow a family apart.

I love the cover of this book as it is welcoming, positive, and appealing. It called me to read it, and I’m glad I did. This intricately-woven tale is told from the perspectives of the main characters – sometimes in the first-person, sometimes the third. This could have been a little confusing, but the author stitched it together skilfully to keep the reader’s interest.

An immoral man has an affair with his wife’s sister, Suzanne, and they both disappear from the family suddenly. But they do not go together. Patrick abandons his wife and children with no further contact as though he has fallen off the face of the earth. His departure wreaks havoc with the emotions of each family member, depending on their relationship with him before he left. Patrick's bitter legacy burns in their hearts as they try to move forward.

Joan is the wife who was 'cast aside,' and she can neither forgive nor forget. Annie is Patrick's daughter, who was just a child when her daddy and aunty disappeared. John is the oldest son, who grew up desperately afraid that he is 'just like his father.' Peter is the second son who pretends not to be affected by his father's betrayal, and heartily embraces life with his own wife and children. The extended family settles into a new semblance of normal life over time, but the wounds are still there like shadows and sharks.

The story begins as the family is cleaning out the family home as Joan moves to a smaller property. A box of old documents and memorabilia is found in the cupboard, and it contains a letter bearing the name 'Suzanne.' The contents of this missive cause old emotions, anger, fears, and resentments to shatter the shaky harmony of family relationships as secrets come to light one after the other. How will the family deal with this, for better or for worse?

I recommend this book to those who are interested in understanding how family dynamics shape a person from childhood to adulthood. The author’s writing style is fluent and flowing, easy to read, and enjoyable. She weaves the situations and characters together in a way that is very real, leading the reader on a journey that remains captivating to the last page. 

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Through the Window

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Living in a rural area in France, Annick likes horses, dogs, traveling, and having time with her three grandchildren. Retired from teaching five years ago, she started to write in English. She is currently writing an historical Romance. She also writes short stories on her blog on Groodreads. view profile

Published on December 04, 2018

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