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Even after a life-long of unjust hatred, the author refuses to give in to it and continues to be loving of his fellow man.

Author Anthonyu Dixon has had to endure unjust hatred since the moment he stepped into America and for fifty-three years since. People treated him with racism, hatred, prejudice, and disdain – all for having a different color of skin.

Throughout his book, the author talks about how we are all the same regardless of our race, because we all belong to the human race, especially since it is believed by one of the greatest minds – Einstein – that there is not one pure race. He goes on to call out prejudiced people on their ignorance that keeps them from seeing the clear fact that we are all basically the same, and he calls out those who invade other countries and take over their riches then declare themselves superior for doing so. He exposes the American educational system, religion, and parents to be corrupted by bigotry and spreading it through the generations.

Luckily, the author is able to see the world through his mother’s eyes (hence the title) who taught him how to see all people as his equals – none better than him without that meaning that he was better than them. This lesson immunized the writer to the hatred that kept trying to claim him and taught him how to work hard to earn everyone’s respect. He also credits his mother with teaching him that passing better information and ideals to the next generation is the only way to truly live.

The style of writing appears to be too random; the author jumps from one place to the other without any kind of system being behind it – which he himself admits. This could prove confusing to many readers. The book could have benefited from more thorough editing and further exploration of certain parts.

The book is basically the journal of a man who has had enough of all the hatred he has received and decided to create art with it rather than let it consume him.

I recommend this book to all those interested in learning more about life through the eyes of others.

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Published on September 22, 2021

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