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This Reminds Me of Us


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Return to the quaint town of St. Caroline, where the Trevors and the Wolfes continue to battle all obstacles to true love.

Julia Gabriel has become one of my favourite authors. This Reminds me of Us is set in the small town of St. Caroline, and is the fourth standalone book in a series. It is always interesting to watch the progression of a writer's voice and style with each new novel. In this series, Gabriel has created a realistic world in the seaside town of St. Caroline. The Wolfes and the Trevors are some of my favourite book people.

The storytelling was vivid - so much so that I actually felt like I was sitting in a corner, watching the drama unfold in the characters' home. The characters were real to me: it was as if I was watching a movie - from the inside!

Oliver Wolfe is the oldest Wolfe son, following in his father's footsteps as a firefighter, raising his growing family, and very much in love with his "former socialite" wife, Serena. But one day, he responds to an emergency call, only to discover his wife's car crashed into a tree, and his wife severely injured.

Four months pass before Serena awakens from her coma, and when she does, she can remember Oliver and their loving relationship, but not her young children and any of the events that happened since they were born.

Oliver's faith in his wife and his happy marriage is sorely tested when certain clues start to point to a potential affair between Serena and her best friend's husband, who was dying of cancer at the time. Oliver is crushed as the evidence mounts. Their marriage becomes strained, and poor Serena is unable to refute the growing proof that Serena was hiding something from Oliver on the day of her accident.

Serena was so lively and truly embraced life. She was exactly what staid Oliver Wolfe needed to breathe excitement and joy into his small-town life. Serena gave up a lot to marry Oliver. Her wealthy family had disowned her and cut all ties with her after her marriage. I was so caught up in the action: the suspense (did she, or didn't she?) was unbearable towards the end.

Was Serena on her way to see her parents on that fateful day of the accident to effect a reconciliation, or was she racing to a rendezvous with a dying lover? I haven't enjoyed a "slice of life" novel so thoroughly as this one in a very long time. I highly, highly, highly recommend this very excellent novel. You can bet I will be purchasing her other novels in this series. Enjoy!

My thanks to ReedsyDiscovery, the author and publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Julia Gabriel writes contemporary romance. Her books have been selected as “Top Picks” by RT Book Reviews, and critics at RT Book Reviews, Kirkus, and others have called her work “nuanced,” “heart-wrenching and emotional,” “well-crafted contemporary romance,” and “deeply moving storytelling.” view profile

Published on August 19, 2019

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