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An informative book on productivity with practical advice for those feeling stuck in their jobs, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers.

This Is Working by Brian Collins is a self-development book about productivity, personal goals, and work habits. This is a great read for those feeling stuck or unmotivated at work, those hoping to develop a side hustle through better productivity, and entrepreneurs who feel they need more structure in their day. I recommend this book because it has practical day-to-day advice for personal and professional growth.

This book is well written. The chapters are short and flow nicely from one to the next. The writing is clear and concise, and the author's advice is direct. He cites stories and quotes that were interesting to read and provided new information I hadn't learned before (which is pretty cool since I read a lot of self-development books and see many of the same citations used over and over). Every claim the author makes is backed up with a quote from an expert which is really important in a nonfiction book.

My main critique for this book is that there is so much information from one chapter to the next that it can get a little overwhelming for the reader. This is a book you'll want to take notes for so you can try out the author's techniques when you're done reading. If I could change anything, I would include summaries every few chapters with an outline of the techniques mentioned. A summary would have helped me feel a little less overwhelmed while reading and would be an easy outline to refer back to when I was ready to try out one of the time management techniques, for instance.

Overall, This Is Working is an information packed book with actionable advice that anyone can put into practice. I recommend it if you feel you could have more potential at work or with your business but need a little guidance to get there.

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Bryan Collins is a nonfiction author, the editor of Become a Writer Today and columnist for Forbes. 
In another life, he worked as a journalist, copywriter and radio producer. 
Before that, he plucked chickens. His work has also appeared on Fast Company, Lifehacker and Copyblogger.
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Published on May 27, 2019

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