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Thinking on Purpose: A 15 Day Plan to a Smarter Life


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In this conversational book, readers will recognize time as the most valuable thing, and are woken up to the true meaning of feeling good.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

In a health conscious society, why do we begrudgingly waste our precious time by choosing to wallow in our misery instead of getting up and doing something about our problems? To all the self-defeatists who think themselves out of approaching a prospective date, procrastinators who cannot part with their painful pasts, and the Debbie Downers whose constant negative thoughts have become a self-fulfilling prophecy, Dr. Richard Bandler, Owen Fitzpatrick, and Dr. Glenda Bradstock have a book to rewire your brain to think more realistically and put an end to what the authors dub the "stupidity" of our own thinking.

In “Thinking on Purpose: A 15 Day Plan to a Smarter Life,” the authors help the reader think themselves out of pain by demonstrating the amount of hours we spend a prisoner to our own self-deprecating thoughts, unforgivingly and continuously replaying that horror movie from our past in our heads during which we dissect every mistake we’ve made instead of acknowledging our worthiness to be kinder to ourselves, and plan for a happy, fruitful future.

“In order to start evolving, we have to stop diagnosing ourselves by our faults and the things we lack,” says the authors, “and start modifying ourselves by what we want.”

In this eye-opening, conversational book, readers will recognize time as the most valuable thing and be waken up to the true meaning of feeling good: healthy living. By helping them to overcome the obstacle of unhealthy obsessions and addictions, the authors embolden the reader to take the long road and consider the achievement of everlasting happiness waiting on the other side. 

“When you get to the big things like making the moments of your life count, the measure of whether you’re living successfully is how much time do you spend during a day feeling really good,” says the authors.

With practice, the reader struggling to motivate themselves or choosing to bandage their problems with profitless vices (drugs, cigarettes, overeating, etc.) will find themselves pleasantly surprised, unearthing a sense of purpose they didn’t know they had. The authors not only work to take care of the readers’ minds, but their bodies, too.

After outlining a 15-day plan complete with mental exercises to banish bad habits and form good ones, there’s a helpful section where Dr. Bradstock schools readers on the impactful roles various antioxidant vitamins play in the body and the foods that contain them, which readers are encouraged to incorporate into their diet to achieve optimal functioning. 


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Published on March 01, 2019

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