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Thinking Guide for Busy People


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A guide for making better choices, when you feel you're too busy to think.

It can be easy to make mistakes when one is busy, or does not take the time to stop and think about all of their options. Author Harvey Smart has put together a practical guide for how we think and the cognitive biases that can trip one up on the path to success. Smart himself advises that this is not a complete list of biases or a giant textbook of psychological research, but it is an excellent collection of the most common biases that can prevent the reader from making smart decisions.  Thinking Guide for Busy People is an easy to understand look at common areas of thought and how to avoid the pitfalls that come with them. 

The guide is divided into 10 different categories about possible biases that can color one’s choices. After describing the particular bias in detail, Smart breaks the concept down into how to overcome the issue, as well as a section called Stop and Think, which provides questions based on how the reader can apply the particular topics to their own life. Categories range from the sunk cost fallacy to things like "shiny object syndrome." Smart does an excellent job of balancing out his points, even showing the exact opposite bias that others may focus on instead. His word choices keep the book extremely accessible to the average reader, and his real life examples are both observable and make sense.

Overall, the guide is quick to read, thoughtful, and easy to digest. This is a book you can devour in an evening, or spread out over a few days to really take in all the material has to offer. The back of the book even has a whole section just devoted to questions from Smart's Stop and Think sections, to make it easier to go through your cognitive biases while making a major decision.

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Published on October 17, 2020

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