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JC Miller’s book, ‘They Call Me Gomer,’ is a spin-off that takes readers on a wild roller coaster trip through tunnels and hills filled with turbulent emotions, a thunderous array of drama and, of course, secrets. Aren’t there always secrets?

The story begins when two things happen that Gomer Williams never expected – she fell in love, and got an older sister. But then again, she was eight when it first started.

JC Miller enlightens readers with each page of Gomer’s story. First, there is Gomer and her best friend, Hosea, who have a strong story to tell. They had a rock-solid friendship, until another man comes into the picture... Imagine: Mr. Not Right. That's Jeri, who takes Gomer on a journey to the other side of the tracks – one that careens her into a world of crime, promiscuity and greed.

Gomer wants what she can’t have, and finds a way to get it – at all costs – including to her dignity and respect. Relationships in her life change – some for the better and some for the worse – including her relationship with herself.

Miller’s writing style reminds me of a combination of the queens, Danielle Steele and Toni Morrison. In looking at Miller’s writing style, I would have to say this story is very easy to read. Miller’s style is unique due to a smoothness in the transitioning of words – from the ‘narrative’ and change of perspective.

Miller’s dive into Gomer’s story is intricate in each step, as the story is not simply told about Gomer, rather it dives into what makes Gomer tick. In fact, Miller’s writing is almost formulaic, as the story seems to involve the characters - Gomer, her sister, the men in her life - in moments of crisis. Don’t we all like to read about others in their moments of crisis, to help us forget our moments of crisis?

Well, in JC Miller’s “They Call Me Gomer” readers get all of that and more – thanks to all the twists and turns. Grab on to a copy of the book, a weighted blanket and a warm cup of hot cocoa, and put on a stream of some 50s Motown love songs. You will enjoy the afternoon or evening you take to read the book, and you will be sure to find out a few surprises.

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About the author

JC Miller lives in the Pocono Mountains. Raised by her mother in the Bronx, JC showcases the soul of the ghetto through faith-based novels. She dedicates her time uplifting women and creating content through Jess, Mo’ Books LLC. On days off, JC listens to songs from her vinyl record collection. view profile

Published on November 05, 2020

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Genre: African American Fiction

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