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There's a War on Here


Loved it! 😍

Engaging short story I didn't want to end. Hoping the author makes it into a full-length novel.

When you begin a new work and the characters, the situation, and the setting grab you right away and don't let go, you relax into it, delighted you're in the hands of a good writer. I didn't realize this was a short story when I downloaded it for review. At some point, I noticed the % counter on my ereader ticking away fast. No, no. I didn't want it to end.

Short story writers have to lay down a world and their characters fast. They sketch in just the details that matter. Jirout has done this so well. I can still recall the backstory of this character weeks after I finished the story. I have an aperture now to see into the life of a hustling tow truck driver during a pandemic when he's forced to take a job his every instinct tells him is trouble. When the pandemic is over -- when that is -- we will recall through this story the critical everyday choices we made.

The protagonist is a mix of naivete and street smart, but his need to make a buck compels him. He has child support to pay. The story has New York City action elements, a chase and capture sequence -- and an escape. The events take him into gang territory and get him entangled in a Bronx street protest, drugged, and chained up.

I was rooting for him all the way. I haven't had time yet to read other works by J. Jirout but I will. He's one to hunt down and watch as his writing career develops. Perhaps he'll enlarge this engaging character and his world into a novel length work. Maybe he has other work just as good as this short story.

I don't need to know the gender of the author to read a story critically. I assumed by the style and muscular setting, this was written by a man. It's not. The fact that the story recreates such a harsh masculine world surprised me when I looked at the photo of the author.

Silly me.

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I'm always scrounging for a good book, one that transports me out of daily life into a world I will never live in. A good book is one that teaches me something by nuance, revealing the inner lives of characters I will never know.

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Published on September 15, 2020

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