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The Year The World Changed - How To Survive And Thrive In Uncertain Times


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Strategies, ideas, and insights for learning how to cope with tough times and situations.

You would have to be living under a rock to not know about the pandemic that has changed our lives in so many ways. While change is constant, some changes can be disastrous to many. It is therefore important that we understand how to deal with and learn from certain changes. In The Year The World Changed: How To Survive And Thrive In Uncertain Times, David Gil provides ideas, strategies, and insights that can help the reader to learn from their experiences during tough times.

There are three main themes in The Year The World Changed: How To Survive And Thrive In Uncertain Times. I agree with the author that these are themes that the average person can actually use to survive and thrive during tough times. Without these three main themes, I would hasten to say it would be difficult to overcome obstacles that we face daily.

I love the fact that the author pulls on the experiences of what he refers to as the Heart Centered Business Team. David Gil combines the experiences, struggles, joys, failures, and successes of ten individuals who were willing to share with the world. Having such a variety of experiences means most persons will be able to identify with someone from the team. The Heart Centered Business Team speaks candidly about their successes and failures. Too often persons only focus on their successes and ignore the failures; many persons cannot relate to such hypocrisy.

The message in this book is quite clear. Tough times will come, but we can learn how to survive and thrive if we have the tools to do so. Perhaps you are still reeling from the changes that the pandemic brought on the world. If that is the case, then The Year The World Changed: How To Survive And Thrive In Uncertain Times might help you to get moving again. There is a lot of wisdom within the pages of this book if you dare to just open it.

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Published on December 17, 2021

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