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The World, Silently Spinning


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A stark, almost frightening yet surreal look at how humanity's actions have impacted our planet and our relationship with it.

As Katy finishes up a summer internship studying the Mexican Free-Tailed bats in Austin, Texas, she returns to a world that is irrevocably changed. Strange and frightening things are happening all around her, like spontaneous nosebleeds and lab rabbits gone insane. But in this near-present future, scientific information is censored - so Katy is left without answers and must soon make her way in the world on her own.

The World, Silently Spinning is a narrative that meditates on some big questions through the perspective of Katy as she reckons with being the last human on earth. Sprinkled in are also perspectives of some of the animals that Katy interacts with, and I enjoyed seeing how they were also processing a reclamation of their territory. We follow Katy as she finds new ways to stay alive and find happiness in her solitude. Throughout the novel, she also wrestles with unknown forces that seem to surround her. I loved this aspect of the story. You can't really tell what is real and is not, because the main character is suffering from insomnia, shock, and PTSD - but at the same time, you desperately want to know why everyone has died.

"All of the movies and books she had read about the apocalypse had been about people. How people would act, how they would band together and become barbarians fighting each other." This quote sticks out because the book aims to do the opposite. There is only one person left, so no chaos is left in her wake. She has been almost reduced to an animal herself, as all of nature returns to what it was before we were here. "Without the things they built, humans were nothing. The least adapted to the harsh environments around them."

This was a fascinating read because of the big questions it seeks to answer. With self-isolation and social distancing in 2020, we've seen nature respond to our own 'vanishing.' This novel takes the question of how things would be if we were all suddenly gone and answers them through the lens of Katy. What happens to our grand cities? How do the animals react? How long will it take for everything to return to nature? The answer is clear: Earth will go on, silently spinning.

Extra points for racial diversity and LGBTQ representation.

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M.B. Maskovas is a cross-genre author living in the American Southwest. They have written poetry, Dungeons and Dragons campaign literature, and one full-length Novel - The World, Silently Spinning. Their work is dark, connected to nature, and has poetic undertones. view profile

Published on October 09, 2020

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