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The Wonderful World of Everything


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Encourage curiosity and promote a sense of exploration with this delightful picture book by Michael Stelmakh.

The world is yours to explore is the positive message behind The Wonderful World of Everything, written by Michael Stelmakh and illustrated by Misha Jovanovic. The positive mood is set from the cover depicting a boy and a girl with the world beneath their feet. The book opens with an invitation: “This wonderful world full of wonderful things is waiting for you, so go on—spread your wings!” Here the characters are in a bi-plane over the countryside while hot air balloons rise in the distance over a city. The encouraging message continues using engaging, rhyming text and vivid cartoon-like illustrations to inspire the reader/listener to explore high or low, and near or far. 

Javanovic creates inviting images with a lot happening on each page or spread so young readers will have plenty to examine as Stelmakh’s simple yet encouraging words are read aloud. Young listeners love artwork where they can notice more details during subsequent readings, and The Wonderful World of Everything delivers. For example, on one page the characters are in a submarine and there are a variety of sea creatures as well as a shipwreck in the background. Later, they’re in a jungle at the entrance to a cave with plenty of plants, vines, and jungle creatures to notice. Even on a spread where the characters are more sedentary—the boy is reading and the girl is doing science experiments—there is plenty of detail to investigate in the illustrations. The text also encourages these activities: “New things to invent, ideas to ponder. Experiment, learn. Discover and wonder.” 

My one disappointment was that the book was too short. Though the final bit of text is a satisfying end to the storyline, I wanted more. Still, I highly recommend this picture book, for the delightful story, for the beautiful artwork, and for the encouraging message!

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Imaginations of all ages soar with this rhythmic poem alongside vibrant illustrations. Inspire adventure, learning and discovery on each page. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Published on May 17, 2020

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