The Voice of a Pheonix : Suicide Prevention


This book will launch on Nov 20, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

This boom is about my life and an example of Suicide is Never the answer. I'm trying to publish before Christmas. Because its the highest rate of Suicide during Christmas.

"Because a queen builds her castle Edith the same rocks that were thrown @ her. "

The Voice of a Pheonix

The Voice of a Phoenix



ello everyone! My name is Zylkia Swensen. I am 40 years old and a mother 

of six kids. I started writing this book as a source of getting relief. 

Everything I had inside bottle up and my heart could not take any more 

suffering. I’m the weird kind. I was not very popular, and if anything, I was, I was 

the Anti-popular. Not the center of attention, ever. My hair was a mess, and I had 

an ocean of moments where bullies would humiliate me. It did hurt me. I, too, 

wanted an out, but contemplating Suicide is never the option, although sometimes 

it seems like a quick way out. I know I have been there. However, I chose different 

every time. Life was painful and humiliating. I felt like I was dragging chains on my 

legs, going upward along on a 45-degree uphill. Join me, and you will see that no 

matter how bad everything goes, there is always a silver lining. You came to earth 

to live, and sometimes Living hurts. That is okay. It is a part of it. How can you ever 

TRULY appreciate the good times, without the bad ones?

I see life as an adventure. Like if I am high up in the air and ready to jump into 

whatever it is, this is what it really means to be human. Could we restore the faith 

in humanity? Sometimes, it feels like the fall is full of bumps and jumps when others 

glide over the clouds. However, if your soul is full of: “It’s not fair!” and you can’t 

focus on yourself; if you are wasting your time thinking over the things the others 

have and that you don’t. Then stop. Think again. Life is not meant to be fair; we all 

need to learn different lessons. You must focus on yours. Don’t quit on yourself. 

Live, learn, wipe, and restart as many times as it takes until the moment to return 

home with our heavenly father. Life will end on its own. So why miss out? Why 

count the bad times, when you can count the good ones? If you are thinking about

About the author

Hi!😁 Im Zee. I started to write this book after I lost my son in 2017. Thinking back I remember many times I wanted to commit Suicide. I know the pain, I felt it, I realize that if I would have jump. I would have miss out on so much that I am so grateful for today. This is my healing story. view profile

Published on November 17, 2020

50000 words

Genre: Self-help

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