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The Voice in my Head is an Asshole


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A near irreverent voice and solid psychological research combine to provide insight on how to beat the worst of all critics: yourself.

Without getting too personal, I needed The Voice in my Head Is an Asshole to come across my dashboard exactly when it did. Like quite a few of us, the inner critic or critics that we all put up with have been a bit louder than I'd like them. Unfortunately, most of the literature I've read within what I consider to be the category of 'self-help' doesn't actually, well, help at all. But Darryl Blake's book on how to tame your inner critic very much did.

If the title of the book isn't a good indicator, there is quite a bit of language as well as humor included. While there is some science 'mumbo-jumbo' and all of the information presented is well-researched, it's the actual presentation that makes all the difference here. The author takes quite a few very abstract ideas and introduces each one with real and tangible allusions or anecdotes at the beginning of each section.

The first roughly half of the book focuses on identifying the different types of voices that we have developed inside of our heads over time. Our assholes. Knowing one's enemy is the first step toward learning how to conquer it after all. The latter half is then more focused on various techniques and methods to do just that. Tame our inner critics and almost even turn the psychological processes that helped build them into ways to affirm, not tear down, our sense of self.

Near flawless, the tone of the book is both incredibly conversational and encouraging. I admit I had almost been expecting a bit of abrasiveness because of the language in the title, but that was very much not the case. Multiple times, Blake makes sure to point out how important it is to seek help when it is needed. Entire sections are devoted to reminding oneself that we are not our flaws or the voices we develop to keep reminding us of those flaws.

If you have your own inner critic, I cannot recommend The Voice in my Head Is an Asshole enough. Take it from me, this one will actually help.

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A Mutiny of Assholes

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Hi I'm Darryl Blake, M.Psych. I speak and write about psychology and self-development. Over the last 20 years I have helped individuals and companies develop and grow, with over 25,000 participants attending my seminars across North America, the UK and AsiaPacific. view profile

Published on March 01, 2022

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