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The Unlikely Candidate


Worth reading 😎

Reading The Unlikely Candidate is like grabbing the latest issue of The Washington Post or The New York Times ... except it is fiction.

The Unlikely Candidate by Stephen Palmer is a much-needed read during this turbulent times of uncertainty we are in. Readers of Southern stories, and political fiction will certainly get a lift from the turning of these pages.

Jeff Ackerman hit the age of 50, and was in his second term of office as the governor of the great state of Mississippi when he felt like a fish flopping out of water, and decided to he needed to try something new.

He decided to run for the office of President of the United States. His opposition is thet popular incumbent Upton Landers.

Ackerman has his work cut out for him, and in this creative narrative takes readers through ever walk of his journey as ‘the unlikely candidate.’

It is almost as Palmer has first hand knowledge of the behind the scene life of a politician – in particular – one with hopes to be the President of the United States.

Sitting down after finishing reading the book, I paused. Not sure when Mr. Palmer decided to write this book – it appears around 2016, and how much he was influenced by the current situation, and who his characters were based on.

The pages turn like mini-series on fast forward sometimes … readers will surely be sitting on the edges of their seats with their noses in this book. From the newsrooms to the Oval Office to Air Force One and beyond, Ackerman pushes the readers thoughts,and imaginations too ... deep into the political realm.

Though the book focuses on the political world, it also gives readers insight into how life can change in an instant as soon you give into following a new direction.

Palmer shows the valleys change can bring, and presents a unique perspective through his fictional character on how to overcome each.

Thus making the unlikely candidate, perhaps, the most likely candidate?

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Stephen Palmer is from Jackson, Mississippi and a graduate of Mississippi State University and Emory University School of Law. He practiced law at a major international firm before retiring early to focus on writing. Stephen and his wife Jennifer have two daughters and live in Marietta, Georgia. view profile

Published on May 01, 2020

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