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The ultimate workbook to train your brain, body and spirit


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The only place where you can complete sudokus and hug trees: a little book of fun

The Ultimate Workbook to Train Your Brain, Body and Spirit by Steven Clinch is a neat little publication, at 129 pages there is by far more visual content in here than words (for context, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is around 77 thousand words in length, The Ultimate Workbook nears a modest 1000). It is a welcome relief from a lot of the denser material that exists in the market.

This publication provides the reader with 150 different exercises to conduct at their own pace. Activities include colouring in, wordsearches and short exercise routines, all of which are intended to trigger feelings of relaxation or deep thought as the reader is given the opportunity to pick (and subsequently tick off) the activities they've completed. For those needing a bit more guidance, answers to the puzzle activities are provided towards the back.

Be it sudoku or crosswords or even wordsearches, for a indecisive person like me I like the variation in activity and puzzle. I could pick and choose an activity based on how much time I had or how I was feeling on a particular day. I tended to reserve the ethical dilemma questions for when I had the most time and use the brain teasers as a bit of fun when spending time with friends and family. In this sense the book is perfect across a broad range of age groups.

The cover's intense and dark imagery is easy to misconstrue, I had to take a second glance before recognising this as being aimed toward mental stimulation rather than physical. The solutions on the final pages have not taken into consideration accessibility - my eyesight is perfectly fine but I still found myself struggling to read some of the answers and I am not convinced the author should be making bold statements. Claiming the completion of the activities will create more brain neurons and therefore result in to a longer and happier life? The colouring lead to a happier half hour, let's start there.

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Daily exercises to help you live a better life. Brain, body and spirit exercises.

The purpose of this book is to help YOU, the reader, develop healthy habits by having a holistic approach in developing yourself. By training all 3 dimensions - your brain, body and spirit- you will develop into a beautiful human being, and you will feel that you will start living a better life.

The tasks you have to complete are not added in a specific order, and might seem chaotic at a first glance. But the reason they seem to be randomly added is that every one of us should perform a different task daily, and learn a new thing every day. Do that, and your brain will thank you later. Your future YOU will thank you later!

The ultimate workbook to train your brain, body and spirit contains 150 exercises (or tasks) to train your brain, your body and your spirit, in the form of a workbook with checkboxes to log your progress and blank space for leaving notes and thoughts.

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I created a workbook with the purpose to help, and my humble attempt to do what I love, combined with the urge I have inside to help others. If every reader that starts working on my workbook will start a wonderful development journey, then my purpose is achieved. view profile

Published on May 16, 2022

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