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The Twice-Drowned Prince


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This beautifully executed, stunning story of self-discovery will leave readers spellbound long after the final word has been read.

Human technology and advancement have unwound the world, erasing what had been created and giving way for magic—and mermaids—to exist once more. After a shipwreck claims the life of a human prince’s younger sister, the prince cannot forget the face of the Mer who rescued him. Desperate to find his sapphire beauty, the prince makes a bargain with a land witch to become Mer himself—for a price. Not fully Mer, the prince struggles to strike a comfortable balance with the underwater world and what remains of his humanity. The prince is unable to communicate with the Mer at first, but he meets one who can read and write. She agrees to teach the prince the language of the Mer in exchange for him teaching her about the human world. The prince spends a year with the Mer, searching for answers to a memory the land witch has taken from him. Though their interactions are not always smooth, the Mer and the prince learn about themselves and each other in a world in which tomorrow is not guaranteed.

A beautifully executed, stunning story of self-discovery and acceptance, this book will leave readers spellbound long after the final word has been read. Careful, eloquent language is used to direct the narrative, reflecting the power the written word has had over each of the two protagonists. Though both relish the literature that has become rare in their world, they come to recognize the importance of experiential learning in tandem with their studies. The history of both characters unfolds expertly in pieces throughout the story, allowing the reader glimpses into their lives. Each new element draws the reader in deeper, connecting with the characters and their pain. Just as with any complex friendship, there are fears and secrets that reside beneath the surface, complicating their interactions at times. Told from multiple perspectives, dramatic tension builds as readers learn information the other characters may not yet know. Their flaws make the protagonists relatable, even in this supernatural environment. Fans of the story of The Little Mermaid will revel in the beauty of this related tale where the prince is transformed, instead. 

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L.M. Morrison was born in Toledo, Ohio, but by age 18, she'd lived in 20 houses, 7 towns, and 2 countries. After receiving her Bachelor's, she taught English in Comoros and France. She speaks French and Shikomori semi-fluently, but her fellow Floridians prefer when she speaks in English. view profile

Published on December 04, 2020

50000 words

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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