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The Tower Princess: A Fairy Tale Lived


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Like an ASMR meditation in print, The Tower Princess is hypnotic, enjoyable AND instructive. A must for soul-searchers everywhere.

The Tower Princess is an immersive and contemplative experience. Each chapter in the fantastical plane of fairy tales reaches a hand for readers to connect to their own experiences. The inhabitants of author Michelle Tocher’s Inner Space are remarkably compelling; with no resistance they whisked me away on an epic journey to restore humanity’s lost connection to the fairy world. Even Rapunzel- who I had thought I knew inside and out- surprised me with her depth and complexity. I keenly felt the stakes and the peril as if hearing her story for the first time, wondering if the happy ending I had always taken for granted would really come to pass. When it did, I was exhilarated- literally. I exhaled a breath I didn’t know I was holding, closed my eyes and basked in the palpable atmosphere of peace.

The story-weaving in these 304 pages is nothing short of well, magical! What seems to be nothing more than an amusing anecdote about fairy godmothers builds as slowly as the unfurling of a flower until we see the full splendor of Tocher’s covert creation. I felt as if I blinked and its completed bloom sprang out fully formed- exactly how Tocher instructs her audience to view fairy tales. She entreats us to treat them as living, breathing, organisms. The events of The Tower Princess wend in and out of memoir and myth, physical and metaphysical, fiction and non-fiction never settling in one place, as if to do so would calcify the power of such a fluid narrative. 

As a reader suffering from chronic and mental illness, the author’s struggle to accept a life she had not planned for resonated deeply, but that wasn't all that pierced me. Billed as a journey of chronic pain, Tocher sells The Tower Princess short. She speaks to the crushing weight of illness, yes, but also of self-esteem, pressure to succeed and the consequences of modern convenience. I recommend this book to any woman inspired to find connections between fairy tales, her own personal spiritual journey and the condition of the world in which we live.  I only wish that I hadn’t had a deadline so that I could savor each chapter slowly. I’m sure that new reflections and ideas will materialize each time I return to Inner Space and I can’t wait to meet them all.

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The Fall of the Princess

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I'm an author and storyteller with a background in professional communications. I have a particular interest in exploring the fairy tale as a way to reflect on life and shift the stories we tell ourselves. I conduct workshops and offer a website to guide people into the meaning of fairy tales. view profile

Published on June 30, 2021

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