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The Tower of Blue


Worth reading 😎

A good and imaginative read that makes the reader think. Good story building, but needs a bit more fleshing out.

The Tower of Blue was worth the read. The first chapter of the book had me hooked. It has an intriguing and interesting premise from the start. The writing is both imaginative and intelligent. Once I really headed into the book, it was clear that the author has a grand imagination and I enjoyed the characters and world he created as the pages wound on. There is a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel to the story, in that it has moments of whimsical characters shaded by a deeper, often darker underpinning. I appreciated the journey (both physical and emotional) that Locsh's narrative takes Arnold (and the reader) on. There was something new developing at every moment of the book and it never became stagnant or uninteresting.

I enjoyed the read and would very much like to have had more. Unfortunately, the plot left me hanging in several places. Though I like having to make some of my own conclusions as a reader, this felt like it expected too much to be decided outside of the written pages. I just needed things fleshed out a bit more. This was particularly true with regard to the ending. I loved the premise and the world building, but I was ultimately left unfulfilled in my reading.

It is unclear if this is meant to be a work in a series or if it will be a standalone. If it is part of a series, I think there is quite a bit to be explored and there is a good chance that the follow up could be very intriguing. I enjoyed this read and could have certainly rated it higher if I knew there was more to come.

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Eric is a writer, which should be abundantly clear considering why you're reading this. He is known for his fantasy fiction novel, The Tower of Blue, which people say was an "admirable first effort". You can find his other works on the New York Times bestselling list in 10 years from now. Hopefully. view profile

Published on January 18, 2019

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