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The Toot Fairy


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A laugh-out-loud dive into the world of toots, farts, and stinky smells that kids will be begging to read again and again!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Kids will be begging to read Janet Adam’s The Toot Fairy again and again! Kudos to a hilarious take on the toots, farts, and stinky smells that kids love to giggle about. 

The Toot Fairy gets kids acquainted with the person (ahem, fairy) responsible for every gassy moment around the world. She kicks off her day by tending to the baby toots in her gassy garden. (Overfeeding makes them extra stinky!) Then travels the globe with her stinky sidekick, Gassy Gus, delivering stink bombs with style. 

The Toot Fairy describes her flatulent lifestyle; including the different types of farts, the assortment of names she goes by (hello, Tinker Smell!), and her teeny-weeny rivalry with the Tooth Fairy. But will a (mini) battle royale between the Toot Fairy and the Tooth Fairy get in the way of a job well done? Only toots, teeth, and time will tell!

The Toot Fairy is a hit for kids, parents, and teachers looking for a fun read-aloud that kids won’t be able to put down. The illustrations are vibrant and add the perfect giggle-worthy touches to an already hilarious story. 

Kids will be on the floor laughing—and their parents right along with them. 

While the book is a fantastic addition to the children’s book genre, there were a few instances where the wording just missed the mark of being both hilarious and lyrical. Although it doesn’t take away from the humor or plot, I think one more round of line edits could have set this book to near perfection. 

I highly recommended The Toot Fairy for young kids who love to toot and laugh it off. 

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Everyone knows about the Tooth Fairy, but not everyone knows about the Toot Fairy. This fun book explains how toots are made and delivered all over the world. Plus, now you have a cute fairy to blame as the need arises.

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Janet R Adams writes books for children and young adults. Her goal is to inspire young readers and to help them become life-long readers. She lives in the United States with her family and furry friends. Janet pursued a career in healthcare but never forgot her former dream of being a writer. view profile

Published on March 10, 2021

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