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The Swordmaster's Daughter


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A riveting historical fiction story, full of mystery, adventure, intrigue, and romance.

The Swordmaster's Daughter follows Lucinda Evans, a young woman in 1604 London. She lives with her father and grandmother at her father's fencing academy. Sadly, now that she is a young lady, Lucinda is not allowed to study at the academy. She begins to practice on her own. Soon, she finds that there are other women who want to learn to fight. A series of violent attacks leave local women shaken. These girls, and others, from all walks of life, are determined to learn how to defend themselves. After convincing Lucinda to teach them, they decide to call themselves the Sisters of the Sword. Of course, the Sisters must keep their group a secret.

Further complicating matters in Lucinda's life is the arrival of the handsome and annoying Scotsman, Robert McCrae, his politically-inclined uncle, and a delegation of Spanish fencers. Suddenly thrust into a world where she does not understand the rules, Lucinda must navigate her new situation. She is also determined to figure out who is behind the attacks before they strike again.

Historical fiction is difficult to get right. Often, you have modern characters put in a historic setting, not relatable characters who are historically accurate. Lucinda Evans and the other characters feels like historical characters, but they are still relatable. Instead of modern characters being brought to the past, readers are brought there. We are placed in their world and taught to see things through their eyes. This makes the story more effective and easy to be immersed in.

The conflicts between the characters are also feel real. There are reasons for the different ways characters treat each other, and those reasons are laid out well. There is nothing that seems forced about them. The Sisters of the Sword have good reasons for not getting along at times, because they are from very different social circles.

The romance is also very well done. It is not overwhelming, and the different elements of the story balance each other out very well. The chemistry between the two characters is believable. Lucinda and Robert get off on the wrong foot, and follow a lovely enemies to friends to lovers path. It can be difficult to do this convincingly, but this novel succeeded. Both characters took time to warm up to each other, and their journey made sense in the story and for their characters.

Readers will want to check for content warnings before starting The Swordmaster's Daughter. Because of the nature of the mystery and the attacks on the women, there are some events that might be triggering to some readers. However, it was done very tastefully and with no extra detail. The focus was on the recovery, making it even more powerful. The focus was more on resilience than the original trauma.

If you like historical fiction mysteries with a compelling romance, this is definitely a book to check out. Hopefully, there will be more books with the rest of the Sisters soon!

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