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The Stranger from the Sea


Worth reading 😎

The Stranger from the Sea by Victor Lana is a science fiction novel filled with wonder and romance, and certainly worthy of a read.

If someone washed up on the shore by your house, would you immediately help them or call the police? Would you be hesitant to let them into your house if they needed clothing and didn't seem to know where they were? Curiosity may take precedent, but in this day and age--it is hard to tell what anyone would do unless presented with the situation themselves. Lana tells a tale of a woman named Joanna and her search for love.

Joanna has lost her father and mother, but she still has her sister. Her and Barb may be a little distant, but as soon as Joanna needs her, she drops everything to be by her sister's side. Upon arrival, she finds out that Joanna has extended her hospitality to a stranger that seems to have washed up on the shore. He tells her that his name is Anderson and states that he fell into the ocean from a ship wreck. Technically, this is true, but it isn't any ship made on Earth. People start to look for Anderson once his ship also washes up on shore, looking like it came from outer space. By this time, Joanna and Anderson have spent months together and they are hopelessly falling in love. He tells Joanna about his planet and the reason he had to leave, as well as the bond that they now share in losing their parents. Anderson knows that he is still in trouble if those who destroyed his planet are still searching for him; if this is the case, Joanna may be in danger. It is for this reason that he ultimately decides to leave and go back to his planet to mourn. What he finds is astonishing, some have survived the attack. Anderson finds that he must make more sacrifices. Should he protect those who've survived and shield them from any further attacks by bringing them to Earth and to Joanna, or should he follow the ones who want revenge into battle against those who destroyed his planet? His father has always petitioned for peace, but can this still be what is best for his people?

Lana has developed some intriguing characters, but they could still use some more depth. Some things are still missing and have not been explained. There is creativity and the pace of this story holds steady for the reader. While there are a few spelling and grammatical errors here and there, this should not hinder enjoyment of the novel. If you are a reader of science fiction, extraterrestrial, and romance, you may enjoy this installment. This does have some religious undertones as well, but not enough to be classified as a prominent genre. An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a three-star rating to The Stranger from the Sea by Victor Lana.

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Victor Lana is the author of ten books. His articles, short stories, and poems have appeared in online and print venues. Having traveled extensively, Victor has visited six continents and intends to get to Antarctica someday, where he figures a few ideas for new stories may await him. view profile

Published on January 21, 2020

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Science Fiction

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