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The Storyteller's Student


Loved it! 😍

The Storyteller's Student will help turn public speaking into something not to be feared, but something that will become a passion of yours.



Each chapter of The Storyteller’s Student by Ikenna Ngene Ph.D. has a thought-provoking and sometimes humorous quote by historical and modern-day figures of our time, which I felt to be a delightful segue into what followed next. The idea of writing a creative nonfiction story to help the reader fully understand how to become a storyteller themselves is ingenious.


The narration of the character Jack, who is a fictional facet of the author himself, feels reminiscent of the fireside chats that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was known for in the 1930s. He speaks very eloquently. If you can imagine meeting someone and falling into deep conversation over the course of a few hours, getting to know that person and who they are inside and out. It transcends being black words on a white page and becomes something else entirely. It becomes connection.


Ikenna Ngene also has a brilliant sense of humor, which also helps to convey his personality in general. One of my particular favorite humorous quotes is on page 5, “The event was billed to be one of those “you shouldn’t miss this” parties. I, on the other hand, had already planned to miss it.”


I was intrigued when the author said, “Lucy had invited The Storyteller to entertain the guests.” At first, I wasn’t absolutely certain what was meant by it, was it an actual position? The way that it was mentioned made it seem as though the woman was hired for the party and that no one had previously known her. Which I found to be unique and somewhat exciting.


Despite the beautiful message of The Storyteller’s Student, there are a handful of imperfections regarding typos. However, they don’t distract from the overall readability and enjoyment of the book itself.


Some of the segments I found to be most beneficial about The Storyteller’s Student were the exercises and the advice that The Storyteller had to tell her student Jack, when you are needing or wanting to display public speaking. One of them being to steady your breathing and to inhale deeply when you realize that your breathing has become erratic.

Another captivating part was the four different presentation styles, which included: The Therapist, the Teacher, The Inventor, and The Storyteller.


I enjoyed reading The Storyteller’s Student. There was a reveal at the end that I had not been expecting. If you have a fear of public speaking and want to master your fear, The Storyteller’s Student is a book that I wholeheartedly recommend you pick up as soon as you can.

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Published on April 15, 2019

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