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The Star People of Isabella


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In one word I would say, SUPERB! Get hold of the book and let the light shine bright within you.

I was given an ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review. My views are unbiased and in no way influenced by the author or publisher.

I will not be talking about the plot because one can already get a preview from the synopsis. And divulging anymore about the plot would make the book lose its shine. This is the first time I am reviewing a children's book. I was looking for something to review and share with my daughter during this pandemic lockdown.

The Star People of Isabella is a perfect blend of fantasy, folklore and values. Karen Heins has done a fabulous job in her work. The book is written in simple language which a child can read independently, be it at any level of lexile.

The book's protagonist is King Halonree and Queen Loella of Isabella. They live in the mountains, in what we now know as California. King Halonree is a peace loving and kind king. But his advisor Litham is his complete opposite, he bullies the people to into submission with magical powers. The people are tired of the tyrant Litham and call Halonree out for being a coward. But things change when Litham crosses the line. The king must face him squarely, but not without some help from his wife and subjects. What happens next is for you to find out.

Karen Heins has shared some beautiful, poignant thoughts throughout her book. The character can be seen as metaphors for values and personality traits. Halonree is kind and softhearted and sees only the good around him. He is grateful for all his blessings. Queen Loella is strong and firm. She speaks her mind without fear and helps Halonree find his voice too. Litham represents the innate evil in all of us, he likes to dominate and have his way. The only way to fight Litham is for the light within us to shine like the sun. The light and warmth will destroy the dark cold 'Litham' in us. If we let the light within us shine brightly during the darkest of hours, we can fight any battle in our lives. The light in us will guide us and help us see a way out of dark tunnels. The illustrations add to the charm of the narration. They are colorful yet not distracting and just perfect to hold your attention. They add to the easy flow of the story. A perfect read aloud book.

A beautiful read for children and adults alike, since the lessons are not limited to kids only. Don't miss out on this one.

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I am open to trying new things. Being a librarian reading keeps me alive and helps me live new lives each time I read.


King Halonree and Queen Loella of Isabella lived in the mountains in what we now know as California. Their knowledgeable yet bullying advisor spoils their dream of ruling a happy kingdom. Litham, the advisor is also a wizard. When he is angry, he can use his power to eclipse the sun during the day. Furthermore, Litham talks rudely to the villagers. The King must summon the courage to confront his advisor before the people decide to move on. However, King Halonree is afraid of losing the sun and his kingdom. This is why the wizard's magical power is King Halonree's worst fear. This lack of courage keeps the King from confronting his advisor as a King should.

The villagers decided to challenge Halonree to take a risk and stop Litham from bullying them. The King responds by taking a very unique approach. His approach demonstrates that he values kindness and unity. A journey of self-discovery unfolds for the King, Queen, and his people.

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Karen Heins lives in Los Angeles and enjoys writing stories that inspire people to appreciate nature. Her love for nature and children led her to enjoy a position as an Outdoor Education Teacher in Maryland and Virginia. She also taught children as a Special Education Teacher for 18 years. view profile

Published on January 20, 2020

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